Deirdre & Daedalus: No Ordinary Love 

Release Date February 14th, 2021

A true story that underscores love, grief, healing and new beginnings.

Deirdre & Daedalus: No Ordinary Love is a coming of age story about a young woman named Deirdre who recounts her experience of coming into her womanhood at the height of the tragic era known as the HIV/AIDS crisis. Readers get a glimpse into Deirdre’s early life and the origins of her strength of character in the face of homophobia, and intense personal trauma.

No Ordinary Love

Deirdre & Daedalus: No Ordinary Love is one big love letter AND this love letter shows that love is tough, love is hard; love is always changing and evolving into something different and it is never ending. This entire story is encircled in love: love of music, love of another person, love of self, love of truth. 

This is Deirdre

Deirdre L. Hall is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, and model who can now add published author to her list. Hailing from New York City, Deirdre is an artist in every sense of the word. Tapping into her unique ability to connect all of her artistic talents, she's created a moving tribute about love, healing, and being true to one’s self with the release of “Deirdre & Daedalus: No Ordinary Love.”

Inspired by both fiction and non-fiction literature, Deirdre has always been drawn to people’s struggles, how they overcame obstacles and tackled their fears. This ability to connect to the human experience is what compelled her to write her first book. Whether you’ve lost a spouse, child, parent, sibling or friend, Deirdre’s desire with NOL is to meet you in your grief and hopefully provide a source of comfort.

Composed of brief chapters, "No Ordinary Love," is designed to be read in bite-sized bits or in one sitting. “No Ordinary Love,” is comprised of many things: A Love Story, A Story of Hope, A Story of Trauma and Healing and so much more. We all grieve differently and have a story to tell and I hope you will find some peace by reading “No Ordinary Love.”

“I wrote No Ordinary Love to find my voice. To find beauty and purpose in the pain and grief of my experiences. To know and declare to the world that love is possible and lasting and real!”

No Ordinary Love  Book Reviews

“You are a remarkable woman. What would have broken most only made you stronger and a survivor. I could feel Daedalus’ soul and gentleness. I will be purchasing a copy of your beautiful book as soon as it’s available for sale”.- Lenore W.

The strength in being able to tell her story, in the layout of writings, music and photos was impeccable. It gave a face to put to the characters and made the time shared very intimate. I felt like I was with them along their journey of love. I think the title for her novel was also very compelling because everyone’s love is unique. Every relationship faces obstacles but none of the same trials. Their love was unconditional, their love is something I hope for! In this day and age we need more men like Daedalus. She also gave me courage to let go and to at least try to open up and love again. -NiAsia B.

I could actually feel that you and Daedalus had a love that was deeper then many people get to feel and I thank you for sharing that love with us. -Nicole R.

You are a beautiful, strong amazing writer! I also believed that reading your book “NO ORDINARY LOVE” will encourage lots of people who read your amazing story to be honest and strong for themselves and I’m one of them. -Maritza G.

It was an immense pleasure to have you in our class. I'm pretty sure that many of the students walked out with knots in their throats tonight including myself. Thank you for choosing us to be the first ones to have a sneak peek of your book. I look forward to when the book comes out, I will definitely get a copy to read the whole story. I'm pretty sure many people can relate to you, you will definitely touch many hearts. I admire you for the courage you have to tell your story, that makes you a strong woman not only for the sharp turns your life took but for standing up next to the person you loved when he needed you the most no matter what. May the next book be  about the second love of your life.-Tatiana T.

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Deirdre & Daedalus: No Ordinary Love


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